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Jewelry is used to decorate items, general-purpose room to decorate and beautify the public environment, decorated cars, landscaping personal appearance. Therefore, jewelry can be divided into the following categories: home accessories, apparel accessories, auto accessories and so on.

Basic Information

The role of jewelry: Jewelry is used to decorate and wear. Some accessories can play an aromatic, cleaning, landscaping, etc. role. Good jewelry can make for a new natural, relaxed and happy, jewelry boutiques in the streets many are increasingly focusing on the jewelry market, home decoration, birthday gift, friends, male and female friends to send so inseparable Jewelry jewelry non-mainstream in today's circumstances have become an indispensable element to become an important finishing touch.

Jewelry industry, consumer trends: jewelry industry is separated from the jewelery, gifts industry out of a new industrial complex formation. Jewelry as a new economic growth point, the developed countries have been gradually becoming more mature. Store, point of sale of various grades of spread; a variety of styles, all levels of products fully meet the growing market demand. In mainland China, the industry is still in the early stages of development. With the rapid development of society, economy, culture, people from subsistence into being well-off, respect for human nature and fashion, constantly shaping personality and charisma, has become the people's pursuit. Choose from platinum jewelry orientation later varieties, the market consumption variables. Experts believe that the future growth of China's consumption of gold jewelry market in a period depends mainly on wedding, diamond consumption in China and three foreign tourists consumption demand to drive. Necklace demand and rings, wedding rings, especially compared to the purchase power weaker. If commodity prices rise too fast, too high, consumers can easily turn to other varieties of jewelry, such as jewelry or platinum K gold jewelry; K gold in particular, the World Gold Council to promote the campaign will promote K gold jewelry to compete with the young family in platinum jewelry.

Crystal Jewelry true and false identification method

(1) Seeing: natural crystal in the formation process, often influenced by the environment always contains some impurities, when facing the sun, you can see faint stripes or even small catkin-like substance. The fake crystal jewelry use more defective crystal residue, broken glass melting, after polishing process, color copy is made, there is no uniform stripes, catkin-like substance.

(2) Licking: even in the hot summer dog days, tongue licking the natural crystal surface, but also cold and cool feeling. Fake, no cool feeling.

(3) light: natural crystal jewelry heel in the sun, no matter from which point of view it can emit a beautiful luster. You can not fake.

(4) Hardness: hardness of natural crystal, jewelry gently with a stone in planning it, not leaving any traces; if left streak, it is a fake.

(5) with a polarizing microscope: the polarizing microscope, rotating 360 degrees in four out four dark change is a natural crystal jewelry, no change is false.

(6) with two-color check: There are two natural amethyst color, leave no dichroism.

(7) with a magnifying glass to check: a magnifying glass with ten times in transmitted light inspection, to find the bubble can be basically as false.

(8) with a hair check: The crystal jewelry on a human hair, the human eye can see through the crystal hair double shadow, it was natural, mainly because it has birefringence.

(9) with a thermal conductivity detected: the thermal conductivity meter adjusted to 4 green grid test stones, natural crystal can rise to the yellow 2 cells, while fake does not rise, rise when a large area to a yellow frame.

Titanium Titanium

Titanium is in line with ASTM-F67 surgical implant-grade materials in medicine has been widely used, such as titanium plate, titanium and titanium hip and knee; allergy wear other jewelry, titanium jewelry can choose to prevent allergies, so people who are allergic to metal can safely wear; at the same time, wear titanium jewelry, the temperature can be quickly aligned with body temperature, closely integrated with the skin, showing unparalleled comfort.

The proportion of titanium is 4.5: 1, about half stainless steel, cobalt, chromium and other alloys, gold over 16.3 is a lot of light, in the production of jewelry is particularly evident advantage, compared with other jewelry, titanium trim more light, therefore We can design a more exaggerated fashion styles, will not burden the human body weight, and therefore subject to respected in the aviation, space, golf, outdoor, spectacle frames, watches, and other fields, which also makes titanium born seem valuable. Many international brands such as Tiffany \ Brosway \ David Yurman and so the use of titanium to produce luxury goods.

Good selection of gifts

On the jewelry and gift titanium embodied advantage is non-corrosive, not color, can long maintain a good luster, and not afraid of water. It does not like the silver will turn black, at room temperature for life to maintain itself hue. This makes titanium metal to be the best gift, watch making functional materials, atmosphere, quality, permanent, extravagant treat.

Germanium titanium necklace without any health effects

Titanium property stiff, stable chemical composition. Normally, it is not possible to dissolve it in water. In addition, from the physics point of view, "Titanium Necklace" There is no current. The titanium germanium collar specification, all are built on the premise of the effectiveness of "Titanium has a special current characteristics" under. In addition, titanium germanium collar specification also referred to as "titanium at a certain temperature can quickly release negative ions," and learned through interviews with experts, beneficial to humans is not negative, but a negative oxygen ions, can be seen, even if the release of titanium really negative ions on the human body can not produce any beneficial effect.

Titanium and germanium as the two metals, which have harmful side, titanium and germanium but no direct mitigation and treatment based on treatment records and related diseases in medicine. Germanium is not found is an essential trace element, also found no pathological changes in the organism due to lack of germanium occur. Currently, the scientific evidence of organic germanium compound is only part of it has a certain anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti-oxidant and immune function and effect, but the premise must be oral and gastrointestinal absorption. Obviously, germanium titanium necklace manufacturers and sellers use of titanium and germanium some biological characteristics, confuse one concept. Currently, cervical disease based upon conventional therapy, there is no medical literature shows that titanium or germanium to treat cervical spondylosis.

It is reported that, in accounting leather First Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, deputy director of the orthopedics ward two much earlier had publicly stated that "medicine is usually used to make when using titanium nail orthopedic surgery, bone plates and other fixed tool if titanium patients can relieve fatigue, relieve muscle tension, then those who do not orthopedic surgery are able to experience directly to this effect yet? but heard graft surgery who did reflect that their bodies are so changes Since titanium What reactions do not occur in the human body, then the body wearing a small titanium necklace, titanium bracelet so much how to play a role? "Chinese Center for disease control radiation protection and nuclear safety of the researchers Sunquan Fu also on "Popular Medicine" wrote: germanium is a metalloid, metal germanium on the outer skin almost no effect.

Titanium does not completely prevent allergies

Stable performance titanium, toxic to humans, and human muscles and bones not react. Materials widely used medical devices and artificial joints, artificial heart valves, artificial tooth roots, called "pro-biotic metal." Most people are not allergic to titanium, but very few people allergic constitution allergy symptoms may also occur, in severe cases can be life threatening, this time to promptly remove the titanium-containing chains, and to the hospital.

Germanium titanium necklace for-profits make "face" appearance

As early as December 2001, the State Drug Administration had issued "on daily necessities, not as a medical device approval notice." The document notes: to regulate the registration and approval of medical products to protect the interests of patients, special provisions: Where are the people's daily necessities, ornaments, such as clothing, hats, shoes, socks, bracelets, earrings and other products, regardless of their what kind of material, shall not be accepted as a medical device approval. Companies can not promote therapeutic products, diagnostic functions. Obviously, including TISWAY, titanium, etc., including the source of titanium germanium jewelry series do not meet this requirement. Those Titanium series can disappear after a brief replaced by another member "while" playing, why? It is understood, mainly because of lucrative.

"Less than 1 yuan per gram of titanium, germanium, also a few dollars per gram." Kunming Institute of Precious Metals, a researcher, said:. "Margins behind this considerable" according to CCTV exposure, a titanium collar feed price is only 10 yuan. Titanium jewelry on the market, regardless of rings or bracelets, collars, prices are generally more than 200 yuan, more than a thousand dollars, it is apparent, distributors, agents earn huge profits can be used to describe.

"Advertising do too attractive." Miss Lee told reporters, "It captures the modern psychology, what 'has long been issued by mental stress and computers, televisions, mobile phones, MP3, mouse, and other electronic products, electromagnetic waves the impact of the current body has in fact most of the confusion occurred, often have dizziness, headache, tired, neck, wrist pain and other symptoms typical of sub-health 'and so described, people think with their status and needs are similar, so we tempted. "

Jewelry Accessories

Jewelry accessories is an essential part of fine jewelry, including a diamond, acrylic drilling, glass beads, Bianzhu, metal chain, crystal drilling hot, springs and so on a series of accessories supporting material.

The main ingredient is glass crystal diamond, diamond is actually known as a people, is a kind of artificial jewelry accessories crystal glass cut into diamond facets to get. Diamond according to the shape classification can be divided into: ordinary drill, shaped diamond, diamond shaped diamond can be divided into the drill (horse eye stone), ladder drills, satellite stone, no end of drilling. Usually stones arranged in accordance with the quality and price are: Austria drill (that is, SWAROVSKI Swarovski), Czech drilling, drilling Korea, the domestic A drill, domestic B drill. Rhinestone this material because it is more economical, but the visual effects have dazzling diamond-like feeling, so popular with people welcome. Stones are generally used for mid-range of jewelry design. Usually there are eight diamond section, the back is a layer of diamond plating on mercury skin. By section of the condenser, it has good brightness, multi-slice, the better brightness.

"Acrylic" is a transliteration of foreign words, English is the ACRYLIC, it is a chemical material. Chemical name is called "PMMA" genus propylene glycols, commonly known as "specially treated glass", it is generally in the form of particulate material, sheet, pipe and other applications in the industry. Acrylic with high transparency, light transmission rate of 92%, the "plastic crystal" reputation. And have excellent weathering resistance, especially applied to outdoor, ranking the highest in other plastics, and both a good surface hardness and gloss, processing plasticity, can be made into a variety of shapes and products needed. Most popular boutique acrylic acrylic pellets use by the Department of injection molding processing method and then with high-quality material subsidiary. Acrylic various fashion boutique, covered the bag, waist chain, watch, high heels, heels, hair accessories, brooches, bracelets, buttons, earrings, necklaces, rings, charms, Paperweight and so many kinds of infinite continuation of development Space. Acrylic materials processing due to high plasticity and good surface hardness and gloss transparent, the designer is often used with a variety of different materials with applications in a variety of fine container design, texture and practicality Add a container, such as lipstick and cosmetics and other sophisticated vessels, other issues such as massage, jewelry boxes, fans, and other daily necessities. Acrylic material to play cool feeling, combined with creative design to make the perfect acrylic material presented in a variety of popular boutique inside.

Home decoration

Home accessories means that after the renovation work was completed using those easy to replace, easy to change the position of furniture and accessories, such as curtains, sofa sets, cushions, tablecloths and decorative handicrafts crafts, decorative wrought iron, etc., for the second time indoor furnishings and layout. There cloth, paintings, plants and so on. Home accessories, as movable decoration, better reflect the owner's taste, it is the crowning touch to create a home atmosphere, it breaks the traditional boundaries of the renovation industry, will be re handicrafts, textiles, collectibles, lamps, floral, plant, etc. combined to form a new idea. Home accessories can space the size of the room shape, master's habits, hobbies and their economic situation as a whole comprehensive planning decoration design, reflecting the owner's personality taste.

Home accessories (Home adorns a product): from the current generally understood as software installed [soft furnishings, soft decoration] that the house upside down can fall from the household goods may also include a variety of household appliances [including]. Including decorative ornaments, ornaments, cloth, etc. movable. All products China wholesale home should belong to this category. However, currently in the country is not yet a standard, all aspects of good and bad, will take time.

Body jewelry
Major categories of jewelry are as follows:
Silver jewelry: necklaces and pendants, bracelets, anklets bracelets earrings rings ring pendant brooch accessories other silver jewelry
Natural crystal: Citrine Ametrine amethyst rose quartz crystal white ghost visions titanium crystal hair crystal smoky quartz mixed crystal jewelry crystal geode agate ore tourmaline cornucopia Garnet Peridot Moonstone / Solar Stone Czech meteorite / black meteorite aquamarine / TOPAZ malachite, turquoise / white turquoise agate obsidian opal / opal-chalcedony tiger eye stone / Eagle eye stone / wood alexandrite Rhodochrosite / lapis to Shu Ju / Charoite other fluorite crystal jewelry
Jade Jewelry: natural jadeite jade artificial improvement
Natural jade: bracelets anklets bracelets earrings rings ring pendant brooch accessories other natural jade jewelry
Glass jewelry: necklace pendants bracelets anklets bracelets earrings rings ring pendant brooch accessories other glass ornaments
Diamond Jewelry: Necklace pendant Ring ring brooch bracelets anklets bracelets earrings other diamond jewelry
Amber pearl coral jewelry: natural cultured pearl natural seawater cultured pearl freshwater pearl other natural coral natural amber / amber / coral jewelry
Gemstone jewelry: natural gemstone pendant necklace Luo Dan bracelets anklets bracelets earrings rings ring pendant brooch accessories other gemstone jewelry category
Men's jewelry: rings necklaces bracelets pendants earrings
Imitation jewelry: necklace pendants bracelets anklets bracelets earrings rings ring headdress brooch waist other imitation jewelry
Gold platinum jewelry: necklace pendants bracelets anklets bracelets earrings rings ring pendant brooch accessories other gold platinum jewelry
Cangshi other ethnic jewelry: necklace pendants bracelets anklets bracelets rings ring pendant earrings other accessories headdress waist Tibetan silver jewelry ethnic jewelry
Fashion jewelry: necklace pendant bracelet bracelets anklets phone accessories / bag pendant ring ring brooch DIY jewelry accessories pendant earrings rings hanging jewelry decorated phone pendant constellation
Alloy jewelry, plated jewelry: necklace pendant bracelet bracelets anklets phone accessories / bag pendant ring ring brooch DIY jewelry accessories pendant earrings rings hanging jewelry decorated phone pendant constellation

Flower Jewelry
Flowers is one of the essential decorative accessories, small wreath of daisies, violets Binbian design, decorative stars, all make clear the bride New and moving, delicate crown, sparkling stones, delicate lace patch, modern metal jewelry, ornate feathers, silk flower simulation modeling are all icing on the cake for the bride, the use and choice of material reflects the stylist of originality, so that the whole shape is more design sense. Using a special process to break down grass flowers dehydration to maintain the original color and form, into the manufacture of amber essence, and then the flower of love well-designed fashionable style, the colorful three-dimensional flowers wrapped in the high brightness resin to form a crystal clear, no distortion, no deterioration, permanent preservation colorful flowers art jewelry, lifelike natural form of flowers vividly show up, colorful, let your life time to enjoy nature, beautiful, emotional companionship.
Nature plants colorful, fascinating. It can blossom, as always ephemeral, but unfortunately the people sigh, "to do anything."

Apart, always willing its beauty Long Bao. Love spent you would think, using a special process to break down grass flowers dehydration to maintain the original color and form, into the manufacture of amber essence, and then the flower of love well-designed fashionable jewelry styles flowers, colorful flowers and the three-dimensional package in the high brightness resin to form a crystal clear, no distortion, no deterioration, permanent preservation colorful flowers art jewelry, make your life moment to enjoy nature, beautiful, emotional companionship. The most beautiful memories, the deepest blessings - fresh flowers from nature, setting in crystal clear amber, recorded a brilliant flowering season, the best time to witness. Flowers jewelry types: Flowers necklace pendant jewelry, flowers bracelet jewelry, flowers, phone chain ornaments, flowers, jewelry, rings, earrings jewelry, flowers, flowers key ring jewelry, flowers and other leisure products, are made of natural materials with a variety of fresh flowers and fashion metal accessories, acrylic, crystal, resin, materials used bold originality, eclectic. Love spent flowers ornaments creative new and unique, she not only has the trend of changing styles of jewelry, eye-catching beautiful shape, but also with traditional ornaments do not have cultural connotation and selling! Carrying natural sustenance and really beautiful culture, so that flowers jewelry series by the domestic customer favorite.